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Check My Move™ provide this service to property sellers and buyers via their estate agent / solicitor.

All information on www.CheckMyMove.com appertaining to a client, property or sale progress is input by the respective estate agent/solicitor and Check My Move™ takes no responsibility for the accuracy or content of this information. Please also bear in mind that an estate agent/solicitor will be relying in part on third party information.

Check My Move™accepts no liability should the system be unavailable for any period of time.

You may not reproduce, copy, download, publish, distribute, record, transmit or transfer any of the data displayed at www.CheckMyMove.com. You are entitled to use the information for your own personal private use, but not in connection with any business or commercial undertaking unless express permission is given.

Check My Move™ is not an agent for, and can give no assurances with regard to the persons, companies and other organisations whose goods or services may be displayed or referred to in www.CheckMyMove.com, nor with regard to the availability, suitability or prices of such goods and services.

Check My Move™ will not be liable to you under any circumstances for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising from your use of www.CheckMyMove.com or its services.

This site is copyright protected and subject to international copyright law. All other matters are subject to the laws of England & Wales.

Check My Move™ is a trading name of Your Best Move Limited. Check My Move and the Check My Move logo are trademarks of Your Best Move Limited. Your Best Move Limited is registered in England, no. 5422236.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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