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Client Feedback

Below is just a selection of comments received from a handful of our owners and buyers.

“Just another big thank you to you all at Ushers for making what could have been a stressful time so much easier. Check My Move was brilliant - so informative and helpful, and it stopped us from having to phone you for updates. We wish you all the luck in the world - so nice to have that personal touch.”

Sharyn Valentine-Wells

“I used Check My Move repeatedly! an easy to use and well designed website. Excellent!”

Ms D


“It's great to know you're going to be updated as soon as it happens. So, there's no need to chase people for information, which is one less thing to think about in an already busy process.”


“It’s good to see & understand better the different stages of the sale/purchase - even though the moving system in the UK can unfortunately be a slow process. It was good to see any developments & not have to bother the agent with phone calls as I was emailed as developments took place.”



“It was a fab idea - really worth our while and [my agent’s]. Much easier than having to call [my agent] all the time … it made me a bit obsessed. I checked it continuously … It looks like there is a lot to do on a sale when you look at it at first, … but then suddenly lots of ticks were added and that was exciting … Thanks again for your help, Check My Move, you have been great.”


“The web-site is very good and very handy for keeping up to date without me having to bother [my agent].”



“The Check My Move website is a good idea, I was looking at it every day at first as I didn't realise that it would email me when the site has been updated, silly me! but yeah I think it is helpful, especially the notes at the bottom then you know exactly what the stage things are at with the solicitor.”


Photos are for illustration only; quotes are genuine comments received from previous users of Check My Move™.

Below is some feedback received from one of the solicitors using Check My Move™.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this forward thinking web site. It has greatly improved our client/solicitor/agent relationship, as our clients feel informed all the way through the transaction.

It has also helped to keep our telephone calls down. Thank you.”

Sue D

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