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Frequently asked questions

Please see if you can find your question here before sending an email.

Buyers & Sellers

How can I get my property transactions onto this site?

Only clients of Ushers Estate Agents may use this service.

How can I get a password to log in to this site?

If you are a home-buyer or -seller, see above. You will be sent your password as soon as your agent sets you up.

How much does it cost to use Check My Move™?

Check My Move™ is FREE for buyers and sellers.

Who can see details of my property?

For each property only the buyer, seller and estate agent can see the details. No personal information about you is shown apart from your name.


General Questions

I have forgotten my password.

Have your password emailed to you—click here.

Problems logging in?

The login process is case sensitive so please ensure that your CAPS LOCK is not on.

Please ensure there are no spaces in either the email or password.

Still stuck?

If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can use our contact form or call us during office hours:

Tel:  020 8669 4114

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